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Colors of Healing

The colors of a room have profound psychological effects on the mood of its inhabitants. This makes choosing the right color especially important for environments that are occupied by patients, visitors, and staff of healthcare centers. On this page, you can find tips for picking the right schemes to fit the needs of your healthcare space, be it a hospital, clinic, specialist's office, or assisted living home.

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Warm or Cool Foundations

Use neutral tones to evoke the feel of natural materials and offer a soothing, refined backdrop to any facility. While warm tones remind of sand, wood, and leather, cooler foundations draw from the appearance of water and stone.



Lively colors, found naturally in flowers and other vegetation, inspire vitality and strength. These hues are ideal for a pop of color in pediatric spaces and any other room that could benefit from a higher sense of energy.


 For stressful spaces, like patient rooms and surgical and intensive care corridors, incorporating soft pastel tones into the area helps create calm and tranquility.



These earthly hues - inspired by the desert, pottery, and fog - are rich in nature's intrinsic healing powers and perfectly coordinated to bring out pops of color in fabrics and upholstery.


 Source: Professional Painting Contractor Summer 2014, pp. 30-33. All above colors are selected from Sherwin-Williams' Acute Care Color Collections.